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titleThe Vietnam War remains a cauldron and hot topic. It resonates to this day; a dark period in our history. Those who served amongst all the controversy received no help to lift the morale. Outside of the celebrities like Bob Hope star filled shows who devoted their lives to Veteran advocacy, there was no encouragement or show of appreciation for what the men and women endured during their service and time in Vietnam. The public opinion against the Vietnam War from 1959 to 1975 exacerbated the rehabilitation of the Vietnam Veterans and their families. Coming home with the silent weapon and undetected PTSD combined with being publicly ostracized many began their hardest fights after the war.

When the Vietnam Veteran’s tours were over, they came home to find a country divided and a nation unappreciative of their service. How they were treated, how they integrated back into society, and how their wartime experiences changed them are just some of the questions answered, as their stories unfold in Never Forgotten. Told by the Veterans themselves, these are their stories…

“Never Forgotten, captures Veteran’s accounts on what it was like to experience the Vietnam War. In their own words, they talk about their return home, struggles to maintain healthy relationships, decades of recovery, and feelings of worthlessness. Many find emotional well-being and self-worth by helping other Veterans. Those of us who are Veterans or whose loved ones have served in war, know with certainty we are different when we return home, than before we marched off to war. Because of this difference, for ourselves and for those we love and enjoy having in our lives, Never Forgotten is a must read.”
~ Michael B. Christy, Lt. Col. USA (ret) and Vietnam Veteran